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HUB Talks, a podcast launched by K&L Gates, covers critical issues at the intersection of business and law. Tune in to HUB Talks for insight from K&L Gates lawyers that will help you stay on top of the latest industry and legal trends across a broad spectrum of industry sectors. You can listen to the podcasts via this page or you can subscribe to them via your favorite podcast app, using the icons below.

The following programs are part of HUB Talks:

Arbitration World: created as a supplement to K&L Gates’ long standing publication Arbitration World to provide access to Arbitration World content and other standalone arbitration related content.

Congressional Investigations 101: features discussions on topics related to U.S. congressional investigations.

The Digital Crisis PR: aims to help you proactively plan for and manage any digital crisis situation.

Distressed Solutions: Discussions of problem solving in Restructuring & Insolvency intended for debtors, creditors, private equity firms, R&I professionals, and accountants.

Fintech Forward: provides timely updates on emerging developments and cutting-edge advancements trending in the Fintech space.

Miami Legal Tropics: brings you hot-button topics and emerging legal trends that drive our Miami marketplace and extend far beyond.

OnRisk: discusses insurance topics from a policyholder's perspective.

Stopping Traffick: addresses topics that are important for corporations with complex supply chains by highlighting the specific risks of unknown human trafficking and forced labor in a company’s supply chain and how to best avoid this and its many adverse consequences.

Talking Sports Law: features discussions of sports law issues, interviews with sports law professionals, and analysis of recent trends at the intersection of sports and the law.

Apr 25, 2023

In this episode, Elizabeth Crouse meets with Bentina Terry, Senior Vice President of Georgia Power’s Customer Strategy and Solutions, to discuss the tools available to utilities to address the operational pressures of climate change and an evolving economy while always putting their customers and communities first.

Apr 11, 2023

In this episode, Claude Etienne Armingaud, Eleonora Curreri, and Camille Scarparo introduce a case regarding a U.S. company’s data privacy breach, the consequences a company may face for being non-compliant with GDPR for companies established outside of the EU, and which steps companies can take to prevent...

Apr 7, 2023

Join co-hosts John Wilson and Trevor Gates for their conversation with Mali Friedman, Chief Legal Officer for the NFL’s Washington Commanders.  Ms. Friedman has enjoyed a long and extensive career in sports law, including work with the NHL, Golden State Warriors, and XFL prior to joining the Commanders....

Apr 6, 2023

Effects of climate change continue to impact the Pacific Northwest, from California wildfires to smoky Seattle summers. Our guest on this episode of Sustainable Outlook concentrates on the financial facets of resource efficiency in order to slow, reduce, and reverse these effects on both ecosystems and...